6 Important things to know about the Entrepreneur in your life!

6 Important things to know about the Entrepreneur in your life!

Your friend has started a business – woo-hoo! Now it’s time to find ways to support your local entrepreneur! That support might not be what you think it is because there are lots of misconceptions about being an entrepreneur people don’t realize. Here are some things to keep in mind so you can better support the entrepreneurs in your life!

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  1. Don’t ask when they’re going to get a “real job”. And also, don’t ask what their back-up plan is.

They need your support because usually there is no plan B, mainly because they’ve already mapped out how they will be successful and the steps they are taking to make their dreams a reality. To most, having a plan B means they have a way out and may not give 100% to what they’re trying to accomplish. Now all they need is your support and a bit of time to make their dreams happen.

2. They won’t tell everyone the hopes and dreams they have for their business.

It’s okay to hold back a bit for this.¬† Everyone has those well meaning friends and family with comments such as,

“Well, you know 9 out of 10 businesses fail within the first X years, so I hope you have a back up plan.”

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And, “Are you REALLY sure you want to do THAT with your business?”

And then proceed with X,Y,and Z reasons they think you shouldn’t – even though they have absolutely no experience in the industry.

All these people do with these comments is project their fears onto that person; it really doesn’t serve any other purpose, and it certainly doesn’t help the entrepreneur. Chances are the entrepreneur knows this, and will only share the hopes and dreams of their small business for the precious few they trust will cheer them on.

They also might be waiting until they have certain goals reached or plans in place.

So if your entrepreneur friend is holding back, don’t worry, they are planning their strategy and will tell you when the time is right for them!

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3. Don’t mistake their flexibility for availability.

We love spending time with our friends and family just as much as anyone else. We can have more flexibility than a traditional job. However, that doesn’t mean they can be available any time. Most of the time we will have 50-60 hour work weeks, sometimes more if it’s a busy season.

Sometimes we just can’t squeeze in that coffee date. Please understand that even though we are our own boss, we are the only one who can do the things we do until we grow at a rate that we can afford to hire someone else. Be patient and cherish the precious time you do get together!

4. We wear lots of hats. 

When you’re paying for our products and services, you’re not just getting those things you see (or hear about) us doing. We are amateur accountants, designers, studio managers, marketing teams, customer services reps, and so much more! This leads me to my next tip…

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5. Please don’t underestimate our value.

We’ve crunched the numbers, and if we’ve been in business long enough, we already know what our time is worth, as well as talents. It can be especially difficult for creative entrepreneurs to price themselves properly even though they work just as much as other entrepreneurs. Once we have our numbers down and know what we want to make in a year, how much we want to work, and factor in our expenses and everything else, that’s how we determine what we charge. Please respect that price.

And if you love the entrepreneur’s products and services, pay them with a smile and gratitude that they are sharing their gifts with you.

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6. Don’t expect special deals because you’re a friend or family member.

Sorry, I had to go there. It’s hard enough for us to charge you the full price (believe me, we all feel it), it’s worse when it’s expected. Not everyone is my client, including my friends, and that’s okay!

I still have bills to pay and I am not only paying the rent and business expenses, and – oh by the way – I’m actually trying to make some money as well. One of the best ways you can support your friends who own businesses is to pay for their services!

Hopefully you will keep these tips in mind to better support the entrepreneurs in your life!

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