Do I Need A Business Branding Photoshoot?

The Big Question: Headshots should be enough, right? Do I Actually NEED a Business Branding Photoshoot??

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If Headshots are the new handshake and the first impression most people have of your business, Business Branding is that extra oomf for your business profile, social media, advertising, and website that has the power to put people over the edge and want to do business with you. It’s soft marketing that’s not “salesy”, Hallelujah, right?!

When I started my own business I was guilty of sell-sell-sell… “this is my new special”, “hire me”, here’s the work I do, contact me”… It’s an extremely common mistakes for businesses. It can be so hard to pull off a non-selling approach, but it’s easy with something like “Friday Introduction” (a picture of you working and giving some fun facts once per month) or a feature about something new in your business. It’s saying, “This is me, wanna hang out sometime” without actually saying “Spend money with me”! There’s the soft marketing again… NOT. Salesy. That’s great for your brand, eh? A branding shoot shows snapshots into your business and shows the human side of your business, that’s you, honey! Not many people LOVE to sell, so this is a great alternative!


“Let’s Get Married! NOW!” Tee-hee…

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You wouldn’t ask for marriage the moment you meet someone, would you!?! Unless your life story is straight from a fairytale, that’s not usually the way things work. You first meet them, then they see what you’re about, and if they’re interested in you…. then you start seeing each other for a little while until you they trust you enough to go on a date. That’s what soft marketing is, and the date is perhaps a consultation or some connecting over the phone or email… Then when they finally trust you and your brand to spend money with you, congratulations! There’s your marriage!


The Myth

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A common myth is that a personal branding photographer is for those who have already made it.

Newer businesses, let’s start on the right foot by highlighting you and your business, products and services in a young, hip and stylish way that really is the language of her brand.

Make You First impression count.


Wouldn’t it be nice to get it right the first time? Your potential clients will read what you have to say, want to get to know you and buy into your brand right away. If you get it right the first time, you will save the hassle of rebranding later!

Those who have already achieved success know they did so because they visualized the ending. They got the clients that helped them build to the level they wanted by showing not only a strong and beautiful brand, but also a consistent brand. When you show that unique personality that IS your brand, nobody can compete with that because nobody else is you.  Also look at it this way…

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Don’t Worry About Your “Competition”.

Think of “competition” as only something in your head, because at the end of the day, there are hundreds of thousands of people in your city! If you live in a big city like San Antonio, Texas, there are millions of people there! Plenty of people to go around! You just have to attract them.

I get asked a lot, “How often should I update my headshots or branding?” The rule of thumb is, if you haven’t had updated headshots in at least 2 years chances are, they are outdated. A lot happens in two years, we are living beings that change with time, unfortunately, it is inevitable. I go into more of a specific list of when to know if you need to update your branding in a previous blog, “Do I Need Updated Headshots?”


Who should You trust?

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All branding images shown are by Melissa Raelynn Photography and are of Kendall Espensen, a.k.a. Beauty By the Blonde, Professional makeup Artist, San Antonio, Texas.

Make sure when looking for a photographer you’re having conversations with them about the type of look you want, and are willing to talk to you about who you want to attract to your business, your wardrobe options and how it ties into your brand, the vibe you want to portray, and even providing a mood board on Pinterest or otherwise. It’s important to use a photographer who specializes in this brand photography to ensure you will be attracting the clients you deserve who will want to spend money with you – yay!

A tailor made, photoshoot that’s uniquely YOU is so important to inviting people into get to know you and your business.

Contact me if you’re interested in having these conversations, I love helping businesses and business owners create a consistent look and achieve the vision for their business!

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