Headshots vs Personal Branding… Which One is Right for You?

Headshots are the new handshake… that’s what they say, anyway. So, what does that mean, exactly? In this blog, I will explain:

– What Headshots are…

– Who should invest in Headshots…

– What Personal Branding is, and how they are different than Headshots…

– Who should invest in Personal Branding…

So which one is right for you?? Let’s get started and find out!!

 do I need headshots for my small business?



Headshots are a few pictures that can be used as a brief introduction, sort of like a handshake in this digital age.  Because of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, often times it’s the first impression people have of you and your business. I’ve had people at networking events tell me they go straight to people’s LinkedIn pages to check them out even after they’ve already met them! They are also great for use across the web, in brochures, and on business cards as a way for people to identify who you are and what you’re about.

Because it’s important to look like the professional you are – and since these most likely are people’s first impression of you and your brand – I highly suggest having a professional who specializes in this type of photography take your Headshot pictures.

Who should invest in a Headshot Photographer?

– Anyone in the corporate world, also, Lawyers, Coaches, Chefs, creators of any kind, Sales Representatives, Actors, Realtors, etc… Anyone needing an updated profile picture for their LinkedIn, Facebook Business page, Instagram Page, Website, or Business cards. 

“How do I know if I need an updated image of myself?”

The answer is “yes” if you can relate to the following:

A. If you’ve had a significant change in your appearance such as weight loss or weight gain

B. If you’ve had eye surgery and no longer wear glasses (this can dramatically change someone’s appearance)

C. If your picture looks outdated

**As a general rule, if it has been two or more years since your last headshot, chances are, one of the above applies.**

Personal Branding

What is Personal Branding, and how is it different than Headshots?

Branding is much more than just having the two typical headshot photos for your business card or profile picture in LinkedIn. After a design session, I work with my clients to create lots of lifestyle imagery that is full of your personality in addition to that headshot you need for your business card. This imagery also has elements and colors that represent your brand!

During the consultation we will also discuss locations that best represent and suit your business.

 realtor headshots and branding pictures

I will often suggest having a session that shows you working in an office setting and maybe your home which shows the human side of your business.  It’s a quick way to personalize your brand, this connects to people better than lots of content on your website trying to relay that connection through words. 

“But Melissa, I don’t have an office that’s conducive for pictures!”

No problem at all. We can create an office setting for you in my studio or I’ve even shot in model homes before!

Branding imagery can produce an instant connection which is important because if a client views you as approachable, that client is more likely to want to book your services and ultimately spend money with you.

Including photos like this on your website, in your social media, in your public speaking and blogging will let your viewers, followers, and fans get to know you.

Who should invest in a Personal Branding Photographer?

– Business owners who want to add personality to their website

– A local business who wants unique, editorial magazine style images for advertising

– Startup entrepreneurs who want to stand out with luxury level images for their products and services

– Experienced entrepreneurs who have or will be experiencing a major career or industry change

– Anyone in direct sales selling essential oils, such as Doterra, selling clothing such as LuLaRoe, selling makeup, such as, Younique or Mary Kay, etc…

– Those needing images for online dating website profile pictures

 Bloggers and entrepreneur headshots

More examples include:













Message Therapists

Personal Trainers







Makeup Artists

Event planners

Gym owners

Boutique owners





Anyone who wants unique, authentic and beautiful images!!

Keep in mind a Branding photo session will be different for a CEO than a Makeup Artist, this is why the initial Design Consultation is imperative for any interested businesses.

 top headshot photographers in san antonio

Investing in a Headshot & Personal Branding photography session shows the world your business is making things happen and people will want to be a part of that success!

I love this Steve Jobs quote,

“In a nutshell, your brand is the most important thing you can invest in.”

This from a man who made billions of dollars with not only quality products, but also with a fresh, consistent, and professional brand.

As a business owner, we are constantly looking for those clients that love everything about our business. In order to attract those dream clients it’s important to have a streamlined message and cohesive brand image that suits your individual style and personality.

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