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I work with some amazing makeup artists in the San Antonio photography world and Dora Vera is no exception. This Blog Series is part of a series where Dora spills what she knows about getting my clients picture perfect for their sessions! She’s got some skills for making makeup look amazing on camera so I asked if she’d give my readers some tips on how they can perfect their makeup look at home. 

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If you missed the first blog of this series on prepping your skin, you can read it here

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On this week’s Blog, Dora gets serious about liners… Liquids, Pencils, and Creams, oh my!

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Let’s talk eyeliner! There is so much to say about it, but for now we will touch base on their finishes.

* Liquid Liner * Pencil Liner * Cream Liner*

  1. LIQUID LINER – Applied by a felt tip applicator. No brushes are needing for liquid liners but they do have a strong finish, so if you really want to make a statement with a hard line and a strong color, use liquid! 

*Liquid Eyeliner shown Below*

2. PENCIL LINER – If a softer look is what you’re going for you can try an eyeliner pencil. This finish is a little bit softer than a liquid liner but still has a nice line that can make your lashes pop. You can also do one of two things, diffuse with finger or brush or also apply it to the top and bottom water lines (water lines are the inside part of your eye that lays along your lash line).

The only downside to pencil liners is that sometimes you can’t get super thin lines, that’s when I would recommend using a cream liner.

*Pencil Liner shown Below*


3. CREAM LINERS – For a thinner liner, cream liner is where it’s at. It is applied with a small slanted brush (shown above on far right) so that may be something to get use to as most women use either liquid liner or pencil liner. You apply a little product evenly on your slanted brush and then glide into the lash line. Cream liners can also be diffused with either your finger or a brush for a gradient fade.

*Cream Liner shown below*

Marissa, our model, learned how to apply the cream liner and definitely had a preference:

“I personally liked that it looked a little more natural, and wasn’t harsh on my eye since with the pencil, Dora had to blend it with her finger for a similar look. The cream was a softer, and easier to apply.” 

The negative for her is that it didn’t last as long. 

Pro Tip: Natural hair brushes are meant for powders only and synthetic brushes are meant to be used for creams and liquid. If you use natural hair brushes for creams or liquids, it won’t go on evenly.

AND you don’t necessarily have to use a liner brush for your liner, Dora used a synthetic brow brush for her brows and liner!

Are there any tips YOU want to hear from Dora?? Comment below and we’ll get the answers to you in a future Blog Post!


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