3 Skincare Tips Every Girl Needs

I’ve known Dora for almost a year now, and in that time she’s done makeup for a good portion of my photoshoots. In that time she’s always a source of joy and useful makeup tips.  She always knows what looks the best on different skin and as a photographer, it’s important to work with makeup artists who know what looks good on camera, ones you can speak candidly with, and will consistently do good work for you and your clients whether it be business headshots or magazine style shoots. 


So I wanted to know how to tell my clients the best way to stay picture perfect all the time. We decided to do a blog series with Dora’s skincare and makeup tips that could help people look amazing on and OFF camera! I recently had some time with her while we were shooting her personal branding images so I got some helpful hints to prepare my face for my makeup I can share!

First a little about this San Antonio Makeup Artist:

Me: “A lot of women like to play with makeup; how did you get started doing makeup professionally?”

Dora: “I was in pursuit of happiness, to be honest. At the time when I decided to pursue makeup, I was in school getting my degree in criminal justice. I knew if I had to work for the rest of my life, I should have fun and be happy while doing it. I remembered how happy playing with makeup made me, so I did a little research and soon learned that it was an actual career. I ended up quitting school and a year later started my freelance business!”

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Dora’s Story

Me: “Who did you study with to acquire all the techniques of applying and teaching makeup application?”

Dora: “At first I was teaching myself through trial and error, experimenting, and really studying my application. When I felt like I was at a cross roads, I then came across Donna Mee. I started traveling to Southern Californian to learn the Donna Mee Techniques that no one else teaches. After the first class that I took, which was color theory, I was blown away. She opened my eyes to an entirely different way of looking at makeup.” 

Lots of women are looking for tips that work for them, it’s not hard to find an overwhelming supply of information online. But, in a world filled with information on YouTube and Instagram, it still isn’t specific enough to everyone’s needs, we are all unique and different. I’m passionate about figuring out those needs and helping to educate my clients on makeup looks and what works best for them. Plus, who doesn’t love playing with makeup!? 

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Now to her favorite skincare regiments before and after you apply your makeup!

Dora’s skincare tips:

1. Massage your face in a circular motion with you oil or cream cleanser but no water is needed for this step because water doesn’t mix with the oil on your face (yes, that blew my mind too).  I also use this time to set my mind right and give myself some words of affirmation to get me started right for the day.

2. Next, skip washing your cleanser off with water and use your toner instead! With two cotton rounds in each hand, you start in the center of your forehead and begin going downward in a Christmas tree motion.

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3. Lastly you will apply your favorite eye cream as well as your moisturizer. If you have any serums you will need to apply those before your moisturizer.

TIP: foaming cleansers strip your skin from its natural moisture. In return the body begins to produce more oils because of its lack of hydration. So the more oily your skin is, the more dehydrated it is. If you have questions about your current skincare regimen message me and we can talk about it!

Look out for more skincare and makeup tips from Dora on the blog! Everybody’s skin is unique, so if you have personal questions, set something up with Dora, herself by CLICKING HERE






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