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There’s something about In The Weeds Natural Skin care Products that have been resonating with local Texans here in San Antonio and beyond. It touts high quality, safe products for its consumers with eco-friendly, recyclable materials for the packaging. Not to mention the products feel like you’re pampering yourself every day in the convenience of your bathroom – I personally can attest to DollFace,  high5 Cream Serum, Not a Lip Balm, AND Melons on my Minty Lips.

It’s true champion is its owner, Lika Torline, who’s the face of the company and its owner and developer. She’s been a force in the industry here in San Antonio and beyond, who’s been recognized with the awards and grants for her innovative products. So where did this passion for skin care products come from?


Lika’s Story and the Beginnings of In The Weeds:

This business didn’t start under the best of circumstances. After earning a degree in Interior Design, she took a job as an assistant display manager at a popular furniture store after the economy tanked. Lika developed a back injury due to all the work there and ended up leaving. But at the urging of her mother, she ended up following her passion for makeup, and got certified as an esthetician.

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A passion born through skin sensitivity:

She happened to get involved with a school project where they needed make an exfoliant, but had a sensitive, acned skin. She had to be very aware of the ingredients she used so she spent hours researching oils, herbs, flowers, and fruits for the best combination for her.

Texas natural skincare products

Owner, In The Weeds Natural Skincare, Lika Torline

After feeling pleased with her creation, she gave some to family and friends who loved the product.

“I got excited and wanted to make it better,” adds Lika. I kept adding all natural components with different skin reactions and benefits and was encouraged (by my peers and esthetics teacher, Ms. Arguelles) to begin selling this product because people were attracted to the fact that it was all natural, handmade, and fresh foods for your face.”

Lika received her first check from her Tia Ruby for $150, and Dollface (and the rest of In The Weeds) was born!

dollface mask for sensitive skin

Above: Dollface – This product is our award-winning best seller, and the foundation in which In The Weeds Natural Skin Care was built.

Mission of In The Weeds Natural Skin care:

In The Weeds believes in pulling from the earth to create nutritious, vitamin and antioxidant rich, vibrant products with a variety of benefits. They use all natural ingredients which include 100% therapeutic grade essential oils and ingredients that have reached the USDA Certified Organic seal of approval. Each ingredient in their skin care products is an active ingredient, and every product contains a healthy dose of Vitamin E. I don’t know of any places to find a quality product without filler ingredients these days!


Dollface is an exfoliant/mask/light moisturizer carrying an assortment of skin care benefits to combat a combination of concerns including acne, acne scars, sun spots, and age spots…just to name a few! This scrub carries an assortment of vitamins, nutrients, and anti-oxidants that are great for your skin!


Dollface natural skincare products - In the Weeds

Above: LOL Body Scrub is a lemon slice on lavender bud scrub is one of the best all natural body scrubs you will find out there! We call it the “body version” of our best seller, Dollface.

Mama T’s TLC Salve: The gentle properties of chamomile makes this salve great for those who suffer from dry, inflamed, and sensitive skin conditions just as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis because it helps reduce redness and calm irritated skin.

chamomile salve for dry skin natural skin care

The holidays are upon us and Lika even has some gift bundles available for Christmas presents – yay!

Lika’s accolades include 3rd place at Venture Challenge and the prestigious National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Award. She has also received grants from the Innovative Entrepreneur (Chamber of Commerce) and the Westside Development Corporation.

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