Jessy Online – “Emotional Wizard”

“I am a creator and influencer – I think of myself as an Emotional Wizard”. That from a wife, blogger and mother of two.

Jessy’s husband Chris, who seems to always be nearby in all her online posts, is today sitting right next to this gorgeous blonde as we speak in my studio. She speaks with a German accent and has a lovely way about her that instantly puts you at ease.  I must admit, I was a bit intimidated before she arrived – she does have collectively over 108.6K followers across three platforms, YouTube being the most popular.

I quickly discovered Jessy is incredibly humble, and though she has thousands of amazing images on her pages, “photographer” is not a title she claims.  Her images, however, have a natural, organic flow resembling a photojournalistic style that sucks you into her beautiful world.  

Here are some reasons why you should tune in to JessyOnline:

  • Fantastic images that invite you into their fun, crazy world.
  • If you have kids, I’d say this blog is a must for you. 
  • For everyone else, it’s a beautiful look into motherhood and amazing travel ideas.

JessyOnline is a blogger and vlogger, with over 62,000 followers on YouTube alone.  Being that she’s a travel blogger, all of her images and videos contain her exquisitely charming family’s adventures on the road.  From what I can tell, more than 75% of her videos contain the German language, but Jessy is always looking to expand her messaging, in fact, she’s now going to offer something for her English speaking audience!

Jessy is a “now or never” sort of womanpreneur, she had this to say about her exciting new direction:

“This month we will  launch Family To The Fullest, our English speaking YouTube channel, Instagram and blog. This will document the journey of us as a family that travels not only by plane but also by heart.

Also, keep an eye out this month for our whale watching adventure in the pacific northwest. We will check off life dreams one experience at a time and grow as a family through shared moments and time spent together. For us it’s now or never.”

So, naturally I had to ask the obvious question…

“How is it working all the time with your husband?”

They both smiled and started finishing each other’s sentences, they’re totally in sync (which gave me an insight into their day to day life). 

Chris spoke first, “First I was a groupie. Then I became a roadie. I could never work as her boss or vice versa, it’s a collective effort; she is definitely the creative one, though!”

When I asked Jessy how she got started blogging, she confessed that everything for her happened online.

“It started out as a creative outlet for me, a desire to live life to the fullest and connect with people.”

She just happened to share this life online, she even met her husband online ten years ago.  People started tuning in and JessyOnline was born.  Chris is great at seeing the future of her vision and they plan accordingly.  It’s really a match made in heaven.

I can tell you just from watching her videos, she truly does live life to the fullest and shares just enough to invite you into her world.  She even had an amazing birth experience with her daughter while she was in their car.  And guess what? You get to experience some of the drama that unfolds on her YouTube channel.  I can tell you after watching it, (well, I watched when my eyes weren’t completely flooded with tears) I was amazed.  There’s nothing graphic, but you do have to wait until about 2:00 (or skip to this part of the video) to get past some German narration, but believe me, it’s worth it.  Even though I don’t understand the German language, I still watched the beginning; the tone of her voice and facial expressions really create a beautifully intense overture to her dramatic experience.

The video shows a mother holding her child for the first time and turning to her husband for support.  You can feel what she’s feeling the entire time, from her shock of what just happened to Chris on the phone with the paramedics carefully giving Jessy direction.  It is truly touching. You. Must. Watch. But, get the tissues ready.

This “Emotional Wizard” isn’t done yet.  Jessy and Chris make business plans like we make dinner plans.

Their new English speaking YouTube channel, Family First is a must follow. 

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