Rock Harbor Hill Country Lodge

After I exit I-10 and continue along these curving roads North of Boerne, the expansive views transport me to the country and I instantly feel like I’m on vacation. As I pass huge boulders, adorable ranches, and hills, I finally pull around the corner down Marquardt Road; there’s the sign: “Rock Harbor Hill Country Lodge”.

A fit, put together woman flings open red barn doors at the front of this adorable gem in the hill country and meets me with a warm smile and firm handshake. She is accompanied by her welcoming party, her dogs, Sadie Mae,  Mary Kay, and Coco, the cat.  “Welcome to Rock Harbor” she says with a smile. Amanda Graybill, the owner, invites me inside a gorgeous, moody, stone lodge and into the kitchen where I see her whip out a bottle of what looks to be Chanel red nail polish and quickly touches up a couple of her nails while continuing her welcome. 

“Sorry, I’ve been painting a lot, I got some on my nails.” I can tell that she keeps her places like she keeps her nails, neat and tidy.

This place is a DIYers dream, it’s like getting lost in a Pinterest board – which happens to me daily- there’s so much to see. As it turns out, the beautiful “old” stone inside her lodge is only about 17 years old, built to resemble an 1800’s German homestead. Even though there are many eclectic pieces everywhere – nods to the places across the world Amanda has traveled – there’s a method to all of the madness.  You can tell Amanda has put every ounce of herself into everything about this place, and that passion, style, and dedication is what holds this place together and gives it that something special.

The “Lotus Belle” The ultimate, chic glamping experience

So, what spurred the idea of starting a beautiful glamping experience in the middle of the hill country?

Amanda revealed that it started when Marquardt Ranch, an elegant wedding venue a mile down the road, opened its doors

“They were in need of a place for a bride and groom to stay.  I opened my master suite up to the guests, and loved the experience so much, it sparked the idea to continue it for others.”

 Now she has 6 living spaces on her property that she and her husband, Randy, open to people from all over the world.  

“So far, our guests have come from all over Texas, Canada, Belgium, France, Germany, and Mexico.  The idea is for people to rest, relax, and restore. That’s what I love to do, we all deserve it”. She believes in this so much, it became Amanda’s slogan for Rock Harbor Hill Country.

For destination brides, Rock Harbor Hill Country is perfect for very intimate weddings and elopements. In fact, it’s ideal since bride, groom, and even a few guests (if they wish) can stay.

 Available for small weddings and elopements

Available for small weddings and elopements

There’s definitely something special that draws them in and it’s not only the European country-chic vibe and hill country panoramic views, it’s Amanda herself. 

Amanda is a country girl through and through, born in raised in Atlanta, Georgia.  She enjoys traveling to exotic destinations and picking up artwork and decor during her travels.  Her favorites have been,  Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.  There’s an eclectic vibe in every one of her accommodations but they’re all fused together with her unique style. Her newest pride and joy is her custom Australian tent, the Lotus Belle. Look on her Instagram page, @RockHarborHillCountry for details.


The “Lotus Belle”

Even though it was made on a different continent, it is decorated with Amanda’s signature style; you literally step into nature where Bohemian meets European Chic. It also comes with a hot tub in the back of the tent that you’ll enjoy!  

I have a feeling this is going to get snatched up in the coming months.  It’s a good thing it’s temperate no matter what time of year; you have the heating/cooling system inside and natural venting in the design to thank for that.

“Lotus Belle” hot tub

Her beautiful accommodations include the original Master Suite that sleeps 2, the Junior Suite that sleeps 2, the Cabin (below), which sleeps 4, and the “Lotus Belle” (above) which sleeps 2-4.  Her newest addition is the tiny house which will sleep 2; and her 1964 Arrow Bow travel trailer which sleeps two, check out her Instagram feed for those!

I haven’t even mentioned the breakfast yet! Their lodge and “glamping” guests are greeted with a gourmet breakfast each morning and guests can savor their own Keurig coffee stations in their rooms.  Optional packages are available like a bottle of Sister Creek Vineyard wine and fruit and cheese platter, wine and chocolate covered strawberries, or wine and a vase of fresh flowers. 

 The Cabin

The Cabin

 The Cabin

The Cabin

Amanda admits she calls all her guests, “super guests”, and she treats them as such whenever they come to visit. “They are really like family when they come to stay.”

Amanda and Randy have so much in their hearts to offer, it overflows into this property that guests find charming, inviting, and, as a result, give them 5-star reviews and keeps bringing them back. 

You’ll also want to come experience this for yourselves. I mean, who doesn’t need a little “Rest. Relax. Restore.”?

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