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I have to admit I had no idea until researching that calligraphy has so many uses, I totally thought it was just pretty writing!

Most people probably don’t know that it was the monasteries which preserved calligraphic traditions during the fourth and fifth centuries, when the Roman Empire fell and Europe entered the Dark Ages.  It was discovered that this script was more suitable for copying the Bible and other religious texts.  Modern calligraphy ranges from functional inscriptions and designs to fine-art pieces where the letters may or may not be readable.  


It continues to flourish in the form of wedding invitations and event invitations, font design and typography, original hand-lettered logo design, religious art, announcements, graphic design, and commissioned calligraphic art, cut stone inscriptions, and memorial documents.

I’ve always loved the aesthetic of tangible artwork and the written word and in this digital world, it is still alive and well!  I’ve ALWAYS used a physical planner since college, I hand write notes, go to bookstores, purchase journals; I even base my entire photography business around prints, canvases and portraits.  

When I get those wedding announcements, thank you notes, and engagement announcements from friends that have been personally crafted by a calligrapher, I totally geek out.

I mean, come on, who doesn’t like getting handwritten letters in the mail, not to mention that it was done by a professional!  You’ve just received a work of art delivered straight to your door.

 This backdrop that can be used as the perfect backdrop for your wedding that can be converted into a piece for your home. This handmade piece of art is currently for sale, contact Charlotte for more details.

This backdrop that can be used as the perfect backdrop for your wedding that can be converted into a piece for your home. This handmade piece of art is currently for sale, contact Charlotte for more details.

Handwritten notes not only let people know you care or you’re thinking of them, letters also let people know they play important roles in your life.  Taking time out of your day to write to them shows you cared enough to reach out.  Charlotte Rosales feels the same way and has built her whole business around this beautiful art.

Here are things you should know about Charlotte right off the bat:

  • Online (including social media) she is CalliRosa
  • Specializes in wedding stationary, artwork that can convert to your home, and personalizing events
  • She’s also a talented Musician…that’s right, another amazing musician has found their way to me – funny how that keeps happening.
  • She’s from the Netherlands and won’t mince any words when talking about missing the cheese in Holland.
  • This woman loves her art and is passionate about enhancing your event with her art. 

When Charlotte reached out to be featured on my blog I was thrilled! This Blonde, Dutch woman may seem shy, but the day of our shoot we talked and laughed so much I forgot we were working! Isn’t that how all work should be???

When I asked her how she got started this is what Charlotte had to say:

“I kind of rolled into calligraphy by accident. Two years ago, while I was still living in the Netherlands, two of my friends had signed up for a modern calligraphy workshop. At the last minute, one of them could not go and offered me her ticket free of charge. I went and fell completely in love with it, the forming of the letters, and the care and precision it takes to create them. I love the importance calligraphy immediately gives the message you’re writing. I started practicing at home, and six months later I designed my own wedding invitations and hand wrote the calligraphy on our envelopes. I worked together with the same friend I attended the workshop with.” 

Something people don’t usually find out about Charlotte is she actually have a Bachelor’s degree in Music, which she finished up last year.

“I majored in Vocal Studies, with a minor in songwriting. I still have a great love for music and for writing, which I pour into serving on the worship team of our church.”

It’s not every day you meet someone from the Netherlands so I had to ask her about it!

“The Netherlands is to the West of Germany and is a great country to grow up in; I loved living there. I moved here for love. My husband has lived here in San Antonio on and off for a good part of his life, and last year I joined him here. I miss my country sometimes, especially being without my family has proven hard. The cheese in Holland is infinitely better, that is for sure. But I like it here, and especially the Hill Country takes my breath away. I am happy where I am in life now.”

Fast forward another 6 months and Charlotte moved over to San Antonio, and started developing her skills further by studying the Copperplate script, this is a bit more traditional calligraphy script.  She taught herself how to navigate Photoshop and Illustrator, even developed some photography skills – though she is not a self-proclaimed photographer.  This love of the art of calligraphy and all the learning that went with it led to start her own business and she now offers these services to brides in the greater San Antonio area.  

Charlotte is launching her new website this week, so go and give her some love, check it out, and comment so she knows you were there!

Also check out her Instagram page for an exclusive look into promotions, events, and other tidbits you won’t find anywhere else!  She’s going to be doing a giveaway via her Instagram page (link above) … she’s going to be giving away a piece for your home!!!

Personalizing your design is important for events, Charlotte can work with you to create a custom design that adds the perfect touch to any event!




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