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I work with a lot of women who are multi-passionate, and I gotta say, I’m here for it! As women, we are never just one thing, and that can also go for the work we do in this world. My Personal Branding client, Emiliana is no exception!

When I chatted with Emiliana, it was clear she knows who she is and where she is going – I absolutely loved capturing the different sides of her!

She’s scaling the ladder in the corporate world, promoting mentorship and advocating for others across multiple teams in her roll at USAA.

This amazing woman has been wanting to really create personal brand for herself and stand out in the corporate world she’s in. She also is stepping up her LinkedIn profile photo game.

She shared with me that she has a better idea of who she is now than ever before! She now sees herself as more of a leader than ever before and wants to use that influence to make other people’s lives better. When I asked her what sort of vibe she wanted from these pictures, she really wanted to bring out her personable side with her branding images yet show that she’s a real boss.

I told you attract a lot of multi-passionate women; she also has a wine and travel blog and is wanting to expand that in her future, so we definitely had some fun with that! Plus, anyone who brings wine to their photoshoot (and also drinks a glass), is my jam.

Enjoy her gorgeous new branding photos and profile pictures! She’s going to do great things in this world and have fun doing it!

If you’e curious about having your own personal branding branding photoshoot?

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