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There is nothing better than working with amazing women who are incredibly passionate about helping their clients have a successful business. It is definitely my happy place and I feel so grateful to be able to share experiences with vibrant souls like Angela of Remarkable Care Consulting, in Florida.

Angela is a valued Boss Branding Session client (more on our Branding Experience here) who was ready to be the face of her business so she can connect better online with her potential clients.

Angela’s work is quite extraordinary. She’s hands on, devising plans to help businesses run smoother, creating workflows as well as the best working environment for all. Angela’s specialty is really her unique talent of helping people with the scary and overwhelming situations that can cause the all too familiar overwhelm factor; with the added benefit of getting their time and sanity back. She tailors each experience for each unique business she works with, and even has a vast network of specialists at her disposal to help the more specific needs.

For Angela’s Tampa, Florida Personal Branding Photoshoot, I absolutely loved planning each location (to include 2 amazing AirBnBs) I photographed her in. In each location we styled, the pictures really communicated the elevated, personalized experience she gives to her clients each and every day. The results are impactful and absolutely fabulous.

I cannot wait to see how she uses these branding photos on her new website, coming out soon!

Enjoy these highlights from Angela’s Tampa, Florida Personal Branding Photoshoot!


And this is how Angela used her gorgeous brand photos for her Florida consultant business!

If you are curious about having your own Personal Branding Photoshoot experience in Tampa, Florida, like Angela did, or any other Florida, Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, or beyond location, I’d love for you to set up a chat here to see if we’d be a good fit for having worked together.


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