The Truth About Personal Branding Photography

A common misconception about Headshot photos and Personal Branding photography is that they are simply a couple pictures of you so that your audience knows what you look like. Personal Branding is so much more, friends and is the model so many businesses are going to! I realize at first, it can feel daunting to think about strengthening your personal brand. But don’t fall into the trap getting couple headshots and that will be “good enough for now.”

The truth is, it just takes asking a few questions and working with a branding photographer who can translate how it feels to work into a visual way! When done right, these images can be working for you 24/7, which means when you are sleeping, they are connecting with your perfect clients and helping get you business! Personal branding shows your true self and how it feels to work with you in an authentic way.

“So how do I show up more like my true self?”, you ask?

Here are 2 irresistible ways to bring market yourself authentically:

1. Light that flame and let it burn for all to see

Here’s something I’ve picked up along the way about why people follow you and then hire you, and it has everything to do with your personal brand:

People are attracted to people who love themselves and they want your flame to light their flame. The goal shouldn’t be convincing people to hire you. The goal should always be to enjoy what you’re doing, consistently show up with that energy, and people will see the benefits from that special thing you have. Showing how others also enjoy working with you (via reviews and behind the scenes images and videos) is another aspect of this.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

– Dr. Seus

2. Don’t Sell So Much

What people don’t want to see is someone who is always selling to them. Think of those people you’ve been following. You aren’t stalking them online because they’re constantly trying to get you to buy something, or playing small and being fake, right? You like that they’re being themselves, going for things, sharing their vision, telling their story, and you want to be around their energy. You like the way you feel when you hear what they have to say and you love being around that energy so that it raises your vibrations too! When this happens for you, your ideal clients will be drawn to you like a magnet.

This type of energy is infectious. If you are openly okay with being you and sharing that, then others are going to feel like they are okay being themselves around you and are going to want to work with you.

I’m not saying don’t ever tell people what you’re selling. You must do this sometimes.. but think of it as 80/20. 80% of your website, email newsletters, blogs, and posts on socials should be story telling (show don’t tell), about how it feels to work with you, how others feel about working with you, and inspiring and educating your audience about what you do. And 20% should be sales, products, services, etc.

Now, go and show up like the badass that you are. Because when you inspire people with your energy, that shifts their energy, and in turn, changes the world.

If you’re curious about what it’s like to work with me for YOUR personal brand photos, I encourage you to follow me on social media and then reach out, fill out our Questionnaire for a free chat when you’re ready: Contact Melissa

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