The Difference Between Headshots and Personal Branding

The Difference Between Headshots and Personal Branding

Personal Branding imagery represents your brand’s identity. These branding pictures can be used anywhere from billboards to Instagram, websites to print ads. They are more than simple visuals. You can actually make people feel a certain way about you and your brand through imagery. That’s good new! Because while it’s difficult to quantify this impact, you will find these pictures will build trust and confidence over time and repeated exposure.

Image by: Yris Productions

Brand Imagery vs Brand Image

While your Brand’s imagery is the images themselves, your brand’s image is how your brand is perceived on the outside and the reputation it has in the world. However, you can use imagery to help shape your image! Here are great ways to build that reputation and report with your audience:

  1. Show you interacting with clients
  2. Show you giving back to your community
  3. Give tips! Remember, you’re solving their problem

Behind the scenes with clients don’t have to be perfect looking, but they do need to be authentic to you!

The more ways you do this the better. Choose 2-3 platforms to focus on and get to posting! Yay, all those Boomerangs and .GIFs do come in handy!


What Are Headshots and Are They Still Relevant?

Image by Melissa Raelynn Photography

Professional Headshots can still have a place in your business. The term, “headshot”, refers to any image where your head is the focus and also include shoulders. These are useful for images needed where the thumbnail is extremely small, such as LinkedIn and Twitter profiles and business cards. Since they are so small, it’s important for people to be able to see your face and the connection you have through the lens.  I zoom out for half body images to give my clients more diversity for their marketing needs.


*Bonus Tip: Make sure when you crop for LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other platform, to leave the shoulders in the picture. Otherwise, you look like a floating head!


Branding Creates Authentic Storytelling

The beautiful thing about Personal Branding is it can be used in “non-salesy” ways. Isn’t that a relief? Nobody wants to be salesy, right? This is a great way to introduce you to your audience and open up to them about who you are and what you represent. It’s important to find a photographer who specializes in this type of genre so they can help you tell your story and captures who you are. You should have a range of images you can use throughout your brand that will target your favorite clients and ultimately, convert them into business revenue.



Read more about creating trust with your brand:

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