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Thinking of yourself as a brand is the fastest and most efficient way of establishing your brand. Lots of women come to me thinking they can “fix” their website by simply hiring a photographer to update their pictures for their website. But, the truth is, some are just selling their products and services and haven’t thought of themselves or their business as a “brand.”

Real Talk: It’s not just about pretty pictures. You need to build your brand and then get help with conveying this in your website. After this, you absolutely HAVE to have a website that clearly leads the right people to book you. But I digress…

First off, I’m Melissa and I’m a branding photographer.

I do specialize in visual branding and have loads of experience building my own brand and helping people with the look of theirs. The following info is based off of my knowledge as a branding photographer. For a complete brand overhaul, I highly recommend working with a branding specialist like a web design team who offers branding in their packages!

For a full brand and website overhaul, I highly recommend: Carrylove Designs

For this blog’s purposes, I’m answering the most asked question Entrepreneurs have…

“How do I build a brand that books?”

First of all… real talk.

  • It’s not just about pretty pictures (whuuuuuut!?!)
  • It’s not just about a pretty logo
  • It’s not just about copy on your website
  • It’s not just about your brand colors

But once you have all of these things working cohesively together, and putting it out there (in person and across your brand) you WILL create trust with your audience and they’ll spend money with you.

Pull up a couch and a cup of coffee and let’s dive in, sis!

Marissa owns Fusion Salon in San Antonio and also Urban Art Collective
She built her brand with her unique combination of her talents, education, woman power, and coming together to help each other thrive make her and her businesses stand out!

Ask yourself these questions to start building the brand that is authentically YOU:

1. Who are you and what is your message?

Who are you?

  • Where did you come from?
  • What have you overcome?
  • What have you achieved?
  • What is it that makes you not only unique but maybe even uniquely qualified to do what you do and to serve your clients?
Amy Bean, daughter of astronaut Alan Bean – started speaking engagements uses her unique story to educate and inspire.

2. Use that info and not only weave it into your website and social media, but explain how you can serve your clients through that story.

PRO TIP: Don’t overlook your About Page when building your brand. This is how your story can establish you as the subject matter expert and help your clients. More on using story telling in your brand HERE


When you continue to share that message and build your brand (not just your website, photos or logo) as you meet people and all through your brand, that will stick in people’s minds and you become that brand to them. This will lead to you being top of mind in your industry which will in turn lead to more business and referrals.

Nidia, Owner, Local Bliss Box
Unique gifting skills for businesses and professionals looking to give unique gifts from local resources.
Unique Story: She’s a military spouse so she gets plugged into local shops as soon as she moves.
Showing behind the scenes so people can see your process.
This lifts the veil off of what you do, lets them see themselves in that space and working with you (or purchasing from you). This ALWAYS creates interest and most of all trust.
If people trust you and your business, you will get their business.


3. Now you can build your visual brand and tone of your messaging after you have your brand in mind.

  • If you’re going to a speaking engagement, networking events, or meeting clients, you can incorporate your style and colors (if that color looks good on you!)
  • If you love your dog (lots of people love dogs) show that!
  • Love coffee shops? Show that!
  • From a messaging point of view, keep in mind the tone of your copy when you’re putting things out there! I lived in Texas for 15 years so I say, “y’all” quite frequently. I usually incorporate a “y’all” or even “hey, friend” throughout my brand because that’s me!

PRO TIP: Have some key outfits or styles you have in your wardrobe that are your staple (i.e. skinny jeans and a pair of heals, boho hat, or a blazer over a pair of jeans). What ever your style is, having those looks at the ready when out and about will have you literally walking in your brand!

More on how to incorporate story telling as a form of marketing in my Blog, “4 Ways to Create Trust With Your Brand”

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