How to Rock Your Branding Throughout Year

I’m so glad you ended up here, friend, because the truth is, many businesses are trying to figure out how to make more money and keep marketing costs down. I can tell you this: the answer isn’t only getting new clients. The answer lies in your current and previous clients! I’m going to give you powerful tools for staying top of mind with your clients and rock your branding for the new year so you get more repeat clients and referrals.

Just having great products and services isn’t enough to rock your brand

Listen, I know you provide amazing products or services, but think of all the other things that fill people’s minds throughout the week? I bet you could name 3 things you remembered you needed to do just in the last 10 minutes! Am I right?

The truth is:

  • You need to come to mind for your industry in a split second
  • Your audience needs to know, like and trust you

There’s a moment when you either will or won’t come to mind for a person at a critical moment when they’re making a decision… unless of course, you’ve imprinted into their mind as someone they know, like, and already trust in your industry!

“So, how do I keep top of mind, Melissa?” you say.

I’m going to show you the power of Personal Branding.

Why only having a Couple Headshots is a thing of the past

Pull up your preverbal cup of coffee (or glass of wine – no judgement here) and I’ll tell you something I’ll probably get a little slack about…

That 1 or 2 headshot you’re using for everything in your business just isn’t cutting it. Yes, the headshot I had to dig for to find only on your About page, it doesn’t really tell people who you are. Let me prove it to you.

Which woman do you feel you connect with more, the women on the top row or bottom row?

A Strong Personal Branding content library is key

When you see the contrasting images, what do you see?

I see two women on the top row who stepped in front of a camera so they can put a picture on their LinkedIn site or About Page because that’s what they think they’re supposed to do.

In the bottom row, I see a fun and business woman who has an elevated, professional look, loves her office dog, is approachable and knowledgeable in her field, has my best interest at heart, someone I would trust, and would love to work with. I see a badass woman rocking her branding!

Variety is the spice of life

The woman on the bottom row can use her photos the following ways:

  • Email newsletters
  • Blog
  • Email signature
  • About Page
  • Home Page
  • When she’s featured in articles
  • Wins an award
  • Featured on a podcast
  • Holiday cards for clients
  • Thank You Cards for high paying clients… you get the picture!

Anything less and you are not really a “brand”.

More tips for getting repeat business using the power of your branding photos coming soon!

And as always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions about staying fresh and keeping top of mind for your clients! More of these important ways to stay top of mind are coming soon!

Set up a Discovery Call if you’d like to find out more about how to rock your branding. You can schedule your very own Personal Branding Session or simply want to be a part of my email newsletter to get more goodies like this directly in your inbox!

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