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Blogging brings up several feelings depending on how long you’ve had your business. If you’ve had your business for a while, you’ve likely at least tried your hand at this popular content creation. Blogging can be a super powerful tool for your business if you do it consistently. It can be challenging to think of things to blog about. Here are some ways you can easily keep top of mind for your audience by blogging with simple topics.

What Blogging does for you

Blogging should have the most information out of all of these uses for your branding pictures.

The reason for this is because there needs to be enough copy (text) filled with commonly searched words for Google and other search engines to notice it. A super important element to any blog is the imagery. Instead of using stock images, get personal and use your curated Personal Branding pictures you have in your own content library.

Including updated personal branding photos is a way to bring your blog to life and break up all your copy (text). Still think all you need is good products and services and you only need 1 or 2 headshots? Read my article about How To Rock Your Brand Throughout the Year here.

Having more text with keywords helps your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and brings your blog up to more people searching those words. Don’t let this overwhelm you; blogging only has to occur when you want it to, just make sure it’s consistent. This method of content sharing is best if is used at least once per month.

4 Topics you can use to blog

  • Educate your audience – Tips and tricks are popular for a reason. If you’re teaching your audience how to be better or do things better, they’ll keep coming back for more. Educated audiences will lead to more like, know, and trust towards you and is a great way to keep you top of mind.
  • Client Experiences – Whether you share clients stories or reviews, these blogs are an easy way to convey what you can do for them in a storytelling way and from the perspective of someone else. These are considered word-of-mouth referrals even though they’re not directly from someone they know. Your audience will be able to imagine working with you through these stories too and in most cases, feel like they have already done so.
  • Lifestyle blog posts – These blog posts can range from talking about your favorite vendor you like working with, to your favorite stylists, makeup, places to meditate, etc… Bonus points with Google if you include an outside link. Lifestyle posts are great for showing your audience what they can attain by working with you; whether it be confidence, money, luxury, spirituality, etc. They should also include photos of you showing these aspects in your own life, then your audience will have the opportunity to get to know you more personally and connect with you.
  • Behind the Scenes – This is a fun way to introduce your audience to your process and is an underused way to blog. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, blog posts are full of rich content that is easily searchable in the Google Search Engine. The more you can lift the veil of secrecy off of what you do the better.

Pro Blogging tip: If you haven’t set up a Google Business Page, you should and it’s free! It has lots of tools to track how many people are going to your website, and what they are searching for to find you – you can then use more of those words in your blog and throughout your website to get found more!

If you’re interested in more about Personal Branding and how it impacts your business, or if you’d like to find out more about having your own photographic experience with me, contact me!

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