How to Attract More Clients

How to Attract more Clients


Would you love to turn more social media followers into paying customers? Let’s make the time and energy you spend creating content for social media work for you!

Having more than just your website as a way for people to find you is super important, and Instagram is a great way to have more up to date, personality filled content that will work for you while you sleep.

Simply having followers isn’t going to get you paid (and those likes won’t either). There are a few things you need to do in order to get those followers to take that next step and turn them into paying customers.

Here’s a quick rundown (keep reading for all the details!):

  1. Build an intentional Brand with Personality
  2. Hire a Personal Brand Photographer you trust that not only takes pretty pictures, but will help with your strategy
  3. Do the work and follow through after your photoshoot
  4. Always be the most authentic YOU that you can (your photographer can help you get clarity around this)

This blog post will be tailored to Real Estate agents, but the content can work for any industry!

Okay, so if all of this sounds interesting, let’s go a little deeper into each of these!

No. 1 Build Your Authentic Brand on Purpose

A strong personal brand helps connect you with new, potential clients and is really the key to creating like, know, and trust.

Here is the up side of what a personal brand can do for you:

  • Identify who you are and what you offer
  • Sets the expectation of how you work
  • Allows people to feel something when they see you online
  • Creates relationships with your followers
  • Allows you to share stories of why you’re so awesome to work with!


This is all good, but in order to achieve the above, it’s important to really look at how you structure your business and how you want to stand out.

Could you continue to only show up with a picture of the latest home you sold? Absolutely!

But if you’re reading this, I would imagine you want to stand out. Infusing your personality into your marketing is going to make you more memorable than the sea of real estate agents in your area.

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No. 2 Hire a Professional Brand Photographer that will help you with your strategy

Did you know photography is really a secret weapon of sorts linking your greatest asset to your business? You and your amazing values, personality, connections, you name it!

When you work with a personal branding photographer that not only can take beautiful photos of you, but that will help you get clarity about how you stand out, and can harness that power to build a brand that feels good and unique to you. This is how you can build a business that keeps you on top of everyone’s mind when someone needs a real estate agent – or any other specialist for that matter.

Here are some questions to ask your photographer to find out if they will truly help with your marketing goals:

  • Do you specialize in Brand Photography?
  • Are you going to help me uncover how I can stand out and want to be seen?
  • Do you just do headshots, or do you have a variety of photos you will take? What variety of pictures will I get?
  • ¬†Why do you do the work you do?

Make sure you look at your photographer’s website first before reaching out. If you don’t feel drawn to them, move on to someone who you feel you would work better with. This will save you time and energy! Also make sure you will be able to have a conversation with them beforehand, if they’re not willing to get to know you or are hard to get a hold of, that is a red flag.

No. 3 Do the work and follow through

I’m gonna be real with you…having a strategy and beautiful, intentional photos doesn’t mean anything if you don’t do anything with them.

I highly recommend having a variety of photos that can do different things for you in your marketing. Your Brand Photographer should be capturing those photos specifically for your needs, eg. any Banners, Home page, About page, Blog, social posts, etc. If you don’t have a web designer or social media professional, brainstorm those ideas with your photographer, then set a date for when your website will be updated.

Write down 3 quick ideas for your photos in social posts that will:

  • Introduce yourself to your audience (do this on the reg!)
  • 3 Tips they can use for buying their home (knowing your ideal clients will help this one!)
  • Entertain your audience and give them a sneak peek into what you’re into

If you can do this process once a month, it will give you something different your audience can connect with you about other than the usual posts about the houses you’ve sold.

No. 4 Be the most authentic you

This is the best advice out of all of these tips!

You definitely cannot be unique and stand out to your followers if you are doing the same thing and showing up like the other real estate agents in your area. And once you get on that train, it’s hard to get off! It only leads to trying to chase the latest social media fad or trend, and that’s just exhausting, am I right?





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