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There is an energy that I seem to attract that ALL of my clients are just really genuine down to earth people doing pretty amazing things with their business.

And this lady, Stephanie Harter is the perfect example. Writer, creator of Coaching Like You Give a Damn, Stephanie helps plant-powered coaches launch online and build their money-making practices that align with their dreams and values!


I’m particularly impressed that she had such a clear vision of what she wanted, what her niche was, and who her ideal clients were! It helped us have a clear direction of how to plan her photoshoot.

She is driven, thoughtful and so passionate, and I just loved working with this empowered woman entrepreneur, and bring her brand to life.


This photoshoot was a session in Tampa, Florida and I found the perfect space that would bring everything we planned for her photo session to life with tons of variety. Since Stephanie hosts workshops and has speaking engagements, we even re-created some fun behind the scenes of a mock conference and included a microphone for some speaking headshots.


Special shoutout to Stephanie’s husband, Dave, for being the perfect stage hand, prop wrangler, mock audience member, who even modeled for me for some lighting checks while Stephanie was changing! He was a huge support for this amazing woman!


Enjoy the highlights,



























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