Branding Portraits – Susan Kaye Austin Coach

Austin Texas for the win!

One of the BEST parts of my work is being around other amazing women and their energy! 

Throw in a trip to Austin, Texas, an amazing rental space we were able to secure for a brand photoshoot and I’m in heaven! I was lucky enough to be able to work with this fabulous, woman entrepreneur and I honestly had to pinch myself with how sweet, amazing, and professional this woman was.

Keeping things light

Susan Kaye is a divorce coach, who has a really cool perspective about how to move through this time in your life with light and love to manifest a better life for yourself! Her website home page says it all: “Ready to start feeling better and get your mojo back?” Who wouldn’t want to contact her after that!?

Even though she keeps things like, she was serious about connecting with her audience and conveying a feeling of calm, professionalism, and just a hint of light heartedness in her branding. Because, “Things don’t have to feel so dire…” some wise words during a time where we all need to hear them! I also loved how we incorporated the health and wellness element in her brand photos!

Her message

There’s always beauty on the other side of loss, and I love that Susan facilitates this process for women who are sometimes at rock bottom and guide them to becoming truly happy again.

Words cannot express how much I love Susan’s heart, she was a breath of fresh air to work with for her Austin Branding Photoshoot.

I found an amazing Rental Home that felt calm and polished, just like the aesthetic she envisioned for

Since joy and keeping things light is a big part of who she is and how she helps her clients, she wanted to elicit this same feeling in her website photos and headshot photos for profile pictures on Social media. I absolutely love that we incorporated her healthy lifestyle and work balance, it that made these business portraits feel homey and inviting.

Enjoy these highlights!


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Austin Texas Photoshoot

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