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7 Successful Brands That Stand Out

Highlighting brand examples is one of the best ways to get a clear understanding of what goes into developing a brand strategy for your business and why these branding elements can be so effective.  Below are just some examples below that can inspire you for your brand!

There are obviously lots of brands in the world, and so many companies that are amazing examples of having laser focused brand strategies that are working in their favor to attract their ideal audiences.

In no particular order, check out 7 brands that I’m obsessed with and the key brand strategy for each that’s truly setting them apart and helping them create super fans.

Brand Photography Blog post 7 brands that stand out and why they're successful


If you don’t know my love for Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper fame, and their Magnolia brand, Google them immediately and read their story because they’re true brand geniuses in how they’ve grown and expanded Magnolia to create raving fans.

Magnolia Manifesto about Human Kindness on Flyers

Photo from Magnolia.com

There are so many brand strategies Magnolia has implemented well, but one of my absolute favorites (and why people love them so much), is their Magnolia manifesto.  It’s the heart and soul of their brand, it showcases their core values, and what they believe in.  You’ll find the entire manifesto written out on the last page of each of their Magnolia Journal magazines every quarter, it’s broken apart and used as inspirational phrases on the bottom of their websites and blog, and they highlight and dive deep on certain aspects that are relevant and current with their audience or the times we’re living in.  Here’s a sneak peek of their Magnolia Manifesto – read more about how they specifically implemented one of their manifesto values in a special campaign with their audience right here.


Your brand is an experience, and if you know the retail store Anthropologie, you automatically understand what I mean.  I literally walk into an Anthropologie just to feel inspired.

Dark Anthropologie inspired styled living room with fireplace and mirror

Photo from Anthropologie.com

This lifestyle brand brings an immersive experience to their customers with each and every retail store they manage.  When customers walk in, they’re greeted with the sounds, smells, and visuals of an aspirational lifestyle.  It’s how it all works together: from the s

Signature scent of their candles that is immediately recognizable, to the clothes displayed that you imagine yourself wearing as you become the person you’re meant to be – perhaps walking down winding cobblestone streets in the Italian Riviera, and the home décor and kitchen accessories you can picture gracing your backyard dinner parties and gathering spaces.

The beauty of Anthropologie is they’ve discovered what turns their customers on, and they over-deliver on the experience to make their audience feel good whenever they come across their brand.



Growing up in Florida, Walt Disney in Orlando Studios is always on my mind when thinking of brands who just get it right! It really doesn’t matter if I was 9 or 39 when I went, it always feels like a magical place!


Disney’s brand magic comes from their secret sauce in over-delivering for their customers every single time, creating unforgettable experiences and memories that last a lifetime.  While Disney does this on a grand scale, you too can incorporate a bit of magic into your brand.  Ask yourself this question: What would my customers / clients be delighted to receive / experience?  How can I surprise them with something they’ll absolutely love?  And, what’s one way I can make this already great experience even better?  Start there, and you’ll infuse a bit of magic into your own brand!

04 – APPLE

Apple always tends to be an example when people are talking about great brands, and there’s a reason for that…they’ve positioned themselves so well with their audience that they’ve created lifelong fans.

People actually identify as Mac / PC…you might have someone ask you, “are you an Apple person?”  Apple has created such a demand for their products, not by focusing on the features of their products, but by showcasing the benefits to their customers’ lifestyle.  This has created such brand loyalty that customers form lines around the retails stores to get their hands on any new product releases to say they’re one of the first to have it.



One of my newest fashion inspired clothing companies for women. The reason I love Evereve so much is because they know their market and they inspire them. They speak directly to women over 40 and not only inspire trendy looks that work on that demographic, they even show you how to style outfits.

Not only do they show an aspirational lifestyle, they empower women by showing them how to get it!

Picture of woman in tweed coat and jeans Evereve style formulas for Fall

Photo from Evereve.com

06 – REI

I’m adding REI to my list of brand examples because this brand really does stand out on its own.  A majority of modern consumers care about and want to support brands with a purpose.  This is why stepping back to understand why your company exists in the first place and the bigger picture purpose of defining why you care is so important…it leads to you being able to clearly communicate why your customers should care, too.

When it comes to REI, while they focus on outdoor gear for the outdoor lover, their bigger purpose and focus is on sustainability and the environment.  Their purpose strikes a chord with their customers because how can they continue to enjoy the outdoors if we don’t take care of our environment?  REI has made this part of their mission and their audience loves it because their values are truly aligned.

When you think about the purpose of your brand, don’t just add something to add something…ensure that what you’re talking about is authentic to what your brand truly believes in and is in alignment with what your customers value, too.


This brand tends to be a millennial favorite.  It really started the athleisure trend and the reason Lululemon made my list is because I’ve seen the power of grassroots marketing and brand positioning with their audience in the genius of their brand ambassador program.  Lululemon seeks out influencers in each market.  They woo them, vet them, get to know them and then create a big deal about signing them as a brand ambassador.

The difference between Lululemon’s brand ambassador program and others I’ve seen is they really have done their homework and aren’t just spamming accounts on Instagram saying “sign up.”  They understand their brand and who it’s for so well, that they become friends with potential brand ambassadors, those that fit their values, that wear and use their workout wear, and who are themselves ideal clients.

To sum up, these are 7 brands who have developed their brand strategy & who communicate it and implement it well to position their brands with their audience.  Choose 1-2 things you loved from a couple of these brands and see how you might implement it with your own spin for your brand!

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A Brand Photographer for Woman Thought Leaders & Corporate Dropouts. Here on the blog you’ll find my photoshoot inspiration, education for entrepreneurs, and my latest travels!


Hi! I'm Melissa

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