Enjoy Every Day Like it’s Saturday

As I sip my morning coffee I contemplate Saturdays and why they are so coveted.  It seems as though it’s one of the only days we can completely choose what happens to us.  But what if you could bottle that feeling of pure joy that only a Saturday can bring and experience that through the week?

365 days. 365 new beginnings.

— Unknown

Some ideas to enjoy your day like it’s a Saturday are:

1. Shorten your to do list.  Stop making huge, overwhelming lists for your day.  Make one master list for the week to get that out of the way and then your list that you have to get done that day.  This list should be short and to the point.  Once you’ve finished each task, cross it off; this is a visual representation for you that you are accomplishing thing! Also, ONLY look at the daily list that day; once it’s done, so is your day.  Boom.

 Catching my daughter enjoying the little things, like running free.

Catching my daughter enjoying the little things, like running free.

2. Make it a point to do one thing you love every day.  This seems simple, but if you look back at your day, you usually realize you have done things you needed to do and didn’t make any time for something you love doing.  If you can do that thing before your day starts, I think that’s a bonus. I make time every morning for “me” time, that charges me for the rest of my day! Whether that be going for a run, blogging, reading a book, or something as simple as getting up before everyone in your house to have a moment to yourself to sip coffee in your favorite mug (we all have one of those!). 

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.

— Arthur Ashe

3. Be more social.  Instead of cancelling on your friends who invited you out (again), try going out.  You’ll enjoy yourself once you’re there, sometimes it’s the motivation that’s needed to get out of the house.  Motivation comes from within, it doesn’t just happen.  Something that motivates me to go out is a couple different Spotify and Pandora stations that are go-tos! Studies have shown a contributing factor for people enjoying their weekends were the ability to see friends and family, so make it happen more! 

4. Compliment someone today.  That’s right, we all love compliments, but to give them out actually helps us feel good in addition to making the other person feel special.  It can be as simple as, “You did a great job today!”, or be specific about something someone did and it made your day better or easier.    

It’s the journey that’s missing enjoyment folks, don’t only focus on the destination!  Hopefully focusing on these daily activities will change your daily outlook and it can feel more like Saturday!

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  1. Teri Aurora says:

    You have grown up into a wise young woman. I’m so proud of you.

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