Personal Branding – Ginny Ellsworth – Transformational Coach

Photoshoots in Florida are always fun, but Panama City Beaches specifically are great because the gorgeous, emerald coast water is the perfect backdrop for eye catching visuals! Pair that with a badass Transformational Coach like, Ginny Ellsworth, and you have an amazing Personal Branding Photoshoot!

Something that is so exciting about the times we are living in is that many women can enjoy creating their own businesses online and enjoy financial success while working from home! That allows more women in business to create wealth there way while traveling more!

Ginny is one of those badass women! She is a best selling author who helps people make dramatic changes in their lives. She teaches mindfulness and meditation and uses the power of thought so it’s applicable to everyday life. In her work, she can actually help rewrite the subconscious storylines that are keeping her clients trapped, so they can shift their story and change their lives! She is even has a mindfulness app designed for kids that is due to roll out soon called, “Mindful Kids”!

Since she needed branding pictures for her new website and social media content, and we had so much fun together! We captured her fun energy, teaching tools she uses and her mindful side!

If you’re curious about how our done for you Personal Branding Photoshoot experience could help you in creating your brand, get in touch!

Enjoy these highlights,


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