You deserve to celebrate yourself


We are ever evolving women.
In our new seasons we need to find a way to celebrate that with an experience that allows us to see ourselves fully.

Creating Extraordinary Portraits for every day women

It’s no secret that you’re the one who is taking the photos of everyone else. You’re the the memory catcher.
Aside from your wedding or family photos, you rarely have photos that you’re proud to have of yourself anymore.

But there’s no denying it—time isn’t slowing down.

What if you had the opportunity to step into the spotlight? 
To know that even though you don’t need a transformation, you can still enjoy stepping into your power and being photographed? 

To give yourself permission to be captured exquisitely and exactly as you are: confident and beyond comparison?

THIS is the essence of my Creative Portrait Sessions

Empowered Over 40 photoshoot

The Modern Portrait Experiences

As You Are Black and White Sessions

You've never cared what others think, you've been taking care of yourself for a while now

You always put everyone else ahead of you and usually hide from the limelight

You got through that really hard time in your life and you're living for yourself again

Let's celebrate that!
But if you need a reason:

You are already enough...

You blinked, time has flown by, and you're in a whole new era of your life

Empowered Over 40 Sessions

For women in their 40's, 50's, 60's, and beyond.

I proudly photograph every day women and want to show just how extraordinary you are.

No problem.

Not a model?


Want some headshots and spicy portraits?


We can plan to merge the two! I'll photograph you as a masterpiece, where you come alive on camera, and also create some beautiful business portraits you can't wait to share.

What's the difference between the Empowered Over 40 and As You Are Experiences?

Empowered Over 40 Series

Planning and Design Call

Professional Hair & Makeup Included

Fully Guided Photoshoot

Separate Image & Product Ordering Appointment

Images fully edited

Product image packages available for purchase and include a Leather album, matted prints and image boxes, and custom wall art. Purchase of print products include the corresponding digital image.

Creative Booking Fee $590

As You Are Series

Planning & Design Call

Come as you are

Fully Guided Photoshoot

Choose your fave images and products right after your session

No Photoshopping. All images in black and white for a chic, monochromatic look.

Digital image packages, Storybook, and matted prints available for purchase. Purchase of print products include the corresponding digital image. 

Creative Booking Fee $590

  •  Pro Makeup & Hair Artistry
  • Zoom Call/Inspo Board
  • 90 min guided creative photoshoot

*Tax added at checkout
* Booking fee above includes Hair & Makeup, & Photoshoot



Empowered Women
Over 40 Session

Special Pricing

Regular Pricing:


June-August Dates

These sessions are beauty portraits so you can finally have photos of yourself you're proud of... that you can pass down... that you want to share. Every session is custom tailored to the woman I'm photographing. If you want to sprinkle in some boudoir with your beauty portraits, we can do that too! We talk about all the things on your Discovery Call, but feel free to email us at hello@melissaraelynnphotography if you need any specific questions answered before booking a call.

What type of photos come with this session?

Questions are welcome! I provide a myriad of insights and guidance during your Discovery Call, but if you need a quick chat, simply email us at if there's anything holding you back from booking.


I get it! Over 80% of my clients tell me they're, "not photogenic", "awkward in front of the camera", "never know what to do", and are overall pretty nervous to start. The good news is you don't have to know what to do. I'll be there to help you through everything.

WHAT IF I'm worried I won't look good in my photos?

Yes. I have monthly payment plans available for up to 6 months of payments. Clients need to select the "auto-pay" option to qualify for the payment plan. Images and any products you purchase delivered after payment in full.

Do you offer flexible payment plan options for my photo products after the shoot?

You will have the option of 8 matted prints, 16 matted prints for a Legacy Photo Box, or Legacy Album of 25+ photos with the corresponding digital images on a thumb drive. The entry level investment for photos is $1690.

How much are your photos and photo products?

After purchasing, you’ll receive an exciting email series from Melissa! The series will include tips on how to prepare, what to wear, and we'll also have a planning call so you are the most prepared.



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