Having a Click-Worthy LinkedIn Profile

Having a Click-Worthy LinkedIn Profile

Have you ever thought, “Sure, it’d be nice to put a little thought into LinkedIn, but I’ll do it later.”?
Being a brand photographer, I’ve seen lots LinkedIn Profiles, the good, the bad, and the selfie. Having a professional and click-worthy LinkedIn profile is as important as putting your best foot forward in an interview or networking event… it may even be more important! But what about after that initial glance at your profile picture? Do you have a well thought out profile that will stand out?
If you haven’t optimized your LinkedIn profile, you’re missing a huge opportunity to connect with potential employers and clients. Here’s a list of 3 things you can do today to make sure your LinkedIn profile is click-worthy and stands out from the crowd!
1.  Make a list of keywords that a potential client would use to find you.
As a general rule, these will be the same keywords that you use on your website for SEO purposes.   Thing of LinkedIn as a “search” function similar to Google! Basically people stalk you on LinkedIn in the professional world to check you out or will “search” for your services using similar terms.
2.  Add these keywords to your profile in the following 5 areas:
The headline (use 2 or 3 keywords)
Your Current work experience.
Your Past Work Experience (if applicable)
The Summary
Your Skills Section
Important:  Use the SAME keywords in ALL FIVE of the above places when relevant.
For example, if you are a life coach and your keyword is “coach.”  Put it in your past work history on EACH AND EVERY JOB that it could be relevant.  “In college, I was a tutor/math coach to high school algebra students”
3.  Is your LinkedIn profile “click-worthy”?
Once a person LANDS on your LinkedIn profile, your summary is the most important part.  Before that, it’s your headline and photo.  Make them stand out from the crowd!
4. Include a well lit, professional photos.
This seems obvi, but BELIEVE me friend, this is super important so listen up:
Your profile is 11 times more likely to be clicked on with a photo. You’re a professional so make sure your LinkedIn picture is as well.
Please, whatever you do, do NOT use a photo of yourself that is 10 years old with a boring backdrop. Or worse, an iPhone picture. “This is obvious, Melissa”, you say… Take a scan through LinkedIn photos one day and you’ll see just how many times this rule is broken.
5.  Write in the 1st Person
It’s still a social network, so speak to directly to the person.  Who is your audience? What are their problems? How you can help? A paragraph or two about who you are, what makes you unique and how you can help them? Don’t simply add a resume; write as if you are having a conversation with someone! It will humanize you and your business!
6.  Include a “call-to-action” at the bottom of your summary.
Tell them what to do!  For example:  Visit my website to download my FREE guide “How To Look Amazing in Photos.”  Your goal is to get potential clients to your website and ON YOUR EMAIL LIST where you can have better access to them via their inbox! The best way to do that is to have a compelling reason (something FREE and of VALUE) that you can offer them once they get there.  People are more likely to visit your site, call or even share a post when it’s a clearly written call-to-action.
If you need help showing up like the go-to expert in your industry and curious about working together, click here to set up a call!
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