America’s Favorite Doctor

Business Woman to Watch – Dr. Laura Purdy

America’s Favorite Doctor

Have you ever met someone who is just on a roll and it seems like their career is catching fire?? I love connecting with like-minded women, but there’s a special bond women in the military hold. Dr. Laura Purdy contacted me to help her create a brand for her marketing. She served 14 years in the United States Army as a medical doctor, and we talked about shared experiences as women in the armed forces. On our initial Discovery Call, Laura said her career was really taking off and her P.R. team was in need of several lifestyle and headshot pictures they could spread out for her new website, social media accounts, upcoming speaking engagements, and article features. She wanted several locations (including her clinics), and outfit changes. She was a perfect fit for my full day branding session. 

Brand Stories

During our planning call, we talked about how she wanted to be perceived and I crafted some story ideas we could tell with her photos. Stories can be anything from showing your audience literally what you do, to telling the story of how it feels to work with you… I even craft stories that your audience can feel based on words like, “trustworthy”, “personable”, “badass”, “I’ll have what she’s having”, etc.


America’s Favorite Doctor

Laura’s been coined “America’s Favorite Doctor”, and it’s so exciting to see this woman just absolutely shine. As soon as you meet her, she’s super personable and you feel like you know her right away. Not only does Laura own 2 clinics in Nashville, Tennessee dedicated to skincare and sexual wellness, she’s also extremely passionate about creating a space where doctor and patient relationships can be strong and personal, all through tele-health. She even calls herself, “The Digital Health Evangelist”.


Her love for being active has led to several being featured in online and print articles, and speaking events, including this article discussing people who live in Blue Zones. These are the world’s longest-living people who reside within these specific zones around the world; their eating habits, lifestyle practices, and workout habits. 

Through the entire process from the Discovery call to her ordering session, she couldn’t stop pinching herself, saying things like, “I just can’t believe this is happening so fast…”, “I’m going to be featured on the cover of this magazine…” My P.R. team needs more photos to feed the online marketing machine they’ve created for me…” 

Now Laura has some fabulous photos that really show off that brand she’s creating and I can’t wait to see the doors that open up for this amazing woman in business.

If you are curious about working together for your very own brand photoshoot, set up a chat here!

Enjoy some of the highlights from our Nashville photoshoot!


woman business owner during Nashville, Tennessee photoshoot Nashville women in business photoshoot photoshoot of woman in business

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