First impressions are important

Times have changed for putting yourself out there online. It’s not just about those “good” 1 or 2 headshots anymore. People want to see how it feels to work with you, and they want to feel your energy to see if they want to scroll to read more.

As a Personal Branding Photographer, I can tell you, that first impression is crucial for the next step in your online audience’s journey. If you have an outdated or stuffy looking headshot, they will sniff that a mile away and will keep searching.


San Antonio Real Estate Photoshoot

After getting on the phone with Michaleen, a local San Antonio real estate agent, I knew she needed something elevated and personable for her photos. her plan was using her new photos to update her LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. But she also needed a picture for her yard sign, email signature, and for online advertising, for things like Google Ads.


San Antonio Makeup artist included in photoshoot

She loved the fact that I have a makeup artist on location that can do her makeup for her in a natural way so she doesn’t look washed out on camera. It was also one less thing she had to worry about the morning of her photoshoot.


Finding the right location

Since she is helping her clients sell and buy their homes, location was important to her. She wanted to be photographed in a high end home that felt bright and was styled. This gave us lots of great options and I helped her find the perfect San Antonio home location that fit the look she wanted.


Outfits and styling

I explained how important colors can bring to a photoshoot and gone are the days where you need to wear a black blazer to look professional. I gave her my welcome packet that included some outfit styling ideas as well as color palettes that photograph well together. She brought gorgeous colors that photographed beautifully on her


Types of photoshoots that work best

Above all, having a plan with the types of photos you create during a photoshoot is important. You want to make sure you find a personal branding photographer who will create your business portraits that you actually want to use throughout your online marketing. It’s not just about having some “good enough” headshots, it’s about gaining the trust of your ideal clients.

I have questions I like to ask to uncover what types work the best based on each individual business owner’s needs.


What we created with Michaleen now has such a strong visual component, due to planning how she wants to be seen, bringing out and photographing her beautiful energy, and that’s what she’ll be putting out there online.

As a result, I’m so excited to show you what we created together!


Enjoy the highlights 🙂











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