Unique Props To Use For Your Next Branding Session

If you own your own business, and a consultant, creative entrepreneur, speaker, author, and/or thought leader, chances are you’re wanting professional, yet fun and personable looking imagery to go along with your website content. After speaking with your branding photographer they will most likely start talking about props to incorporate into your photoshoot – yay, this is the fun part! When making a list of items to bring, keep the following things in mind with your brand, and always consult your branding photographer for any questions pertaining to your specific niche or business industry:

  • What stories do I want to tell to my audience?
  • How do I add to the visuals in an interesting way?
  • How is my process unique?
  • What items show my authentic self?
  • Is there a specific post you can share that incorporates a fun item?
  • What day to day items do I use everyday in my personal life?
  • What day to day items do I use everyday in my business life?
  • What vibe do I want to give?

Here are some fun ideas you can use for your next personal branding session


Fave Mug with Sassy Quote


Products you sell



fun hat


statement earrings



potted plants

Your business cards/brochures

purse or tote bag

Smoothie or health shake

(tie this into the location community by purchasing locally, and tagging them)

For spiritual brands:

Journal, Goddess cards, sage


For wellness brands:

your fave green juice, water bottle, journal, pen

Confetti (for product launch or celebratory post)

Spiritual or religious items


More outside the box ideas:

Passport and travel items (for jet setter brands)

Colorful sticky notes we can stick to the wall

Vision Board/Mood board

Your family!


Incorporate your family to show you’re just like your audience. shows a deeper connection with your audience and you’ll get an updated family portrait… win – win!


If you’re interested in more ideas and looking to book your very own branding session (especially in Texas, Florida, Louisiana or Colorado) contact me for and availability! www.melissaraelynnphotography.com/contact

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  1. Allie says:

    This is so helpful and unique! Love the ideas you brought…. for sure made me look at my own site and want to update.

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