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The Melissa Raelynn Branding session Experiences

Professional, Yet Fun Photoshoot and Branding Experiences for the women in business who want to stand out

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Has been in business long enough to know she needs a branding photographer specialist

Wants to expand her business

Wants a personalized and smart experience that is tailored specifically to their business

Wants to update her website/social media 

Wants images that aren’t boring and look as polished and fun as you are

Wants to rebrand

The Personal Branding Photoshoot Experience is for business owner who…

We will work together to discover your style, business goals, and voice to create unique, professional portraits to the people you want to do business with.

Most people don't like their pictures taken, but I assure you that this experience will leave you feeling confident, empowered, and beautiful.

Builds credibility

shows your true self

connects you with your target audience

sets your apart from your competition

gives you a consistent brand message across all platforms

builds confidence in yourself and your business

here's the payoff for having a strong personal brand:


The Personal Branding  Experience

Meet the team inquiries

Pro Makeup artist available as an add-on

High Res Digital images for easy download

Up to 6 hours shooting time

Multiple days are available for this session upon this request. 

Ideal for Large companies or for businesses who use multiple marketing platforms

Full Day Rate Team Session

Pro Makeup artist available for an add-on

High Res Digital images for easy download

Assistant Photographer for multiple looks

Up to 3 hours shooting time

Ideal for Larger Teams of 10-20

Half Day Team Session

Pro Makeup artist included

High Res Digital Images for easy download

Ideal for smaller teams of 5-9 

Mini Team Session

Everyone is nervous before the session and don't think they will "be good in front of the camera''. Don't worry, that's where we come in! Picture this:  I will guide you through posing and ensure that you get the vibe that matches your brand. Then we have a little fun and capture your team's unique personality! 

The Day of the Session

Depending on the number of team members, we can setup 1-3 backdrop setups and even use your space, if you'd like to showcase the awesome place you work! We sometimes even have companies who will rent furniture that matches their companies' aesthetics. Expect approximately 15-20 min for each person. 

Backdrops & Setups

Be at ease knowing you don't have to do all the coordinating for your team and when they need to be at their assigned time slot. I've got a quick and easy scheduling system to allow each team member to schedule the time that works best. There are even auto reminders built in!

Schedule a Timeslot

What to Expect

create a customized photo session that brings every aspect of your brand to life, and we’ll also create a photo experience that you will enjoy! I look forward to working with you and bringing your vision to life. 

I can help you

to save you time and who knows how to help your brand speak louder and clearer. You must think fresh and modern to compete with everyone else.

Hire a brand photographer

 You want to evoke an emotional response that creates trust. The bottom line is, the right first impression will attract your ideal clients.

It’s not enough to simply have a picture on your website


Those headshots showing what you and your team are really about. You understand the importance of highlighting your business' strongest asset: your team. Meet the Team is all about introducing your visitors to your employees, and showcasing their individual personalities; this adds a personal touch.
These are a great way to put faces to names and position titles. In today's , that's incredibly important since customers prefer a much more personalized, intimate experience with the businesses they purchase from.

you know that you need them...

The Meet the Team Experience


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