Skin Care and Business Outfit Tips

Whether you’re going for a job interview or you own your own business, it is essential to put your best foot forward with your headshots. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a checklist with tips, including skin care and business outfits to give you the best results?

business outfits and skin care tips


Have no fear, this is the blog for you! I’m here to tell you the rest of my tips to making the most out of your Business Headshots. If you missed the first post with more preparation tips, here it is: Beauty Checklist for your Business Headshots

4. Skin


Wax or Shave. If you wax, give yourself at least three days to heal before your shoot. Shaving, of course, can be done the night before or morning of. Take care of both legs and armpits if you will be wearing anything sleeveless.

Spray Tan. If you usually have a faux glow, get a spray tan a couple days before your shoot. Honestly, though, I love fair skin. If I had my way, you would skip the tanning salon and embrace your inner pale.

Remember, I like to stick to my philosophy of “Responsible Photoshopping”. Although I can fix details in post production, you’ll love knowing that your pictures have captured your most perfect self and not me creating that on a computer, make sense? Examples of Photoshoping that come standard with every session are: softening skin underneath eyes, touching up any scarring or birthmarks so they are a little lighter (only if asked), slight lighting and tinting edits, eye brightening, etc… You will still look like you. And why not? You’re gorgeous just the way you are!

More Skincare tips including preparing your face for your makeup artist here:

Beauty Checklist for your Business Headshots


5. Business Outfits

I saved the best for last, now let’s dress up!

Bring 3-4 outfits. Your portraits should be a reflection of you, just a little more polished. Please, choose outfits you love and that fit you well. Think of those special pieces you might not wear often because they’re impractical for day-to-day use, or the go-to blouse or dress you always wear when you’re attending a networking or business event. Extra points if you wear a color that speaks to your brand (and looks good on your skin tone… if it’s orange, maybe not), it comes together so nicely on your site when you can have that consistency in your brand!

Something Dark. Bring at least one dark outfit or top. Black, Navy or Charcoal work best here. It’s always a classic look.

planning tips for your headshot photoshoot


Something Light. For your light outfit, think angelic. Soft, gauzy, maybe even layered. It doesn’t have to be white, you could go with cream, nude, light pink as long as it doesn’t wash you out.

outfit ideas for photosessions


Something Fun/Funky/Whimsical/Flashy. This business outfit option is your chance to really show your personal style and is great for an alternative to the corporate look. This look is perfect for someone with a more creative job, photographer, makeup artist (shown below), marketing company, etc…. If you have more conservative tastes, try a structured, soft, elegant, or even formal look for something different.

choosing the right business outfits for your business

choosing the right business outfits for your business

Consider Necklines. It’a always flattering to see your collar bone, so boat neck, scoop neck, square neck, deep V and off-the-shoulder are some of my favorite necklines. Whatever you choose, try to make it more interesting than the basic T-Shirt neckline. If you love turtlenecks, go for it! Feel free to bring whatever calls to you. Remember, mixing things up will add variety to your images, so try not to bring all of the same style.

Power Color/Brand Color. Business outfits are supposed to show both a person who you would want to work with as well as a person of power. I love a good power color for my woman boss clients. If you own your own business, by the time you hire a professional to take your pictures, it’s a good idea to have your brand color(s) in mind. It shows a consistency to your website if you incorporate one of your main colors into your wardrobe either with your accessories or even your jacket or blouse. Plus, it shows a position of power, hence, “power color”. This can also make your eyes pop.

business outfits for women owners blue dress


*On a side note, make sure the color you’re wearing for your business outfits is flattering for your skin tone and also doesn’t wash you out! Bringing a few options for your photographer is always a good idea.

business outfits for woman branding poses and ideas


Think Texture. Textures lend a rich, tactile dimension to your photos. Texture is always a good idea as it tends to always photograph well.

boss lady headshots get the most out of your business

Avoid Prints. Especially for business outfits, patterns and prints are distracting. We want people to be drawn to your eyes and face, specifically, that’s where the connection happens!

Fit Your Form. Fitted clothing that shows your shape work best for photographs. Skip that billowy, blouson top, or anything with dolman or batwing sleeves. While they might be flattering in person, they will not be slimming in camera. This applies to ANY body type. Choose outfits that will hug your curves, especially your waist, hips, arms, and chest.

Forget Shoes. Unless you have a special pair you’re dying to photograph, there’s really no need to worry about the shoes you’ll wear. Most images won’t show your feet at all, and if some do, bare feet will add an organic feel to your portraits.

Having your headshots taken doesn’t have to give you anxiety. Choosing the right photographer for your business headshots is an important part and being prepared before you come will greatly impact your images and help you put your best foot forward.

For more information on updating your headshots, contact Melissa for a consultation.

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