Listen, I totally get it. As a self starting, business woman, I know it seems nearly impossible to capture and translate all of what you do in your business into photos without feeling weird and contrived. (Been there. Done that. Have the t-shirt.)

Well, take a breath, friend, because this happens to be my speciality!

Since 2017, I've helped hundreds of women JUST LIKE YOU create magazine style photos to level up and take their visual brand to the next level. If you're anything like me, it's hard to step in front of the camera with confidence. 

I'm ready for the next step!

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not only do I want to help you create those photos for your business you've been dreaming of, i want you to have fun while doing it, mkay?


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Download the FREE Personal Brand Guidebook!

Download the FREE Personal Brand Guidebook!

8-pages to help you show up confidently in your brand online

Being in front of the camera doesn't have to feel fake... seriously!

That's why I love really taking the time to get to know you and help you to create a brand that really feels authentic to you. 

And on your shoot day, I have a deceptively, easy going process where we can feel grounded, enjoying the experience together. I've found this produces the best, personality filled photos that will feel more authentic to you without feeling contrived or fake.  

WHEW, isn't that a huge relief?

Watch some cool behind the scenes of a branding shoot!

I have the pleasure of getting to know you and uncover those parts of you and your business that are important to highlight. These parts are going to make you a super attractor for the people who are looking for exactly what you have and will be dying to work with you!

ALL BRANDING SESSIONS ARE HALF OR FULL DAY EXPERIENCES, shot on location, in your space, or in a professional studio, somewhere in the United States where we decide to meet up.

I will help you with everything from
- preparation
- location sourcing
- wardrobe guidance
- how to be
- how to pose
- and capture those personable expressions
that make the best photos!

I want to help you feel good in your skin so we can capture your best you.

Thought Leaders, Podcasters, Authors, Speakers, Real Estate Agents, Business coaches, and Life Coaches, all come to me for brand pictures for their website and social media pages.

But many say after working together, they were more inspired with what's possible in their business, with a new found shot of confidence in what they do! 

What is personal branding?

Magazine style photos that capture how it feels to work with you and your business.

I'm TOTALLY ready for the next step!

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Ready to level up YOUR brand?

- 1 Hour Zoom Planning call designed to uncover stories we can tell with your brand and details for your photoshoot

- a Plan to create 4-6 creative stories with different locations that will highlight your amazing qualities that will make YOU stand out

- A pro hair & makeup artist who will make sure you are camera ready including touchups during your shoot

- location sourcing, rental securing, day of planning, photoshoot conceptualization, custom inspiration board

- content library filled with marketing gold for your website, socials, and PR materials delivered within 3 weeks of your ordering session

what's included in a personal brand photoshoot?

I'm ready for the next step!

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"My personal branding photoshoot with Melissa far exceeded my expectations. The whole thing was coordinated so well. I felt completely supported and comfortable from beginning to end. I highly recommend booking a shoot with Melissa, you will not be disappointed. Melissa, thank you for capturing me in the light that you did"

- Gwen T.

What they're saying

"Melissa was amazing and the photos came out great plus they were so unique and not like the usual stodgy headshots! She made me feel confident, she was friendly and professional! The whole experience from hair, to makeup, to photography was well done and so much fun! I would highly recommend working with Melissa.!"

- Linda R.

What they're saying

"Melissa was phenomenal. I did not know how to pose or look for pictures, and Melissa had a way of making it all feel so natural. I actually felt a little like a celebrity! I would highly recommend her and her work!"

- Anna H.

What they're saying

Brand Photographer Serving Texas, Florida, Colorado, Tennessee, and beyond

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Packages start at

Packages start at:

Each photoshoot is customizable and booked 2-6 months in advanced. We can meet up in a city I'll be in already or we can chat about a location near you!


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