Okay, Boss, I get it… you’re busy. You’re busy doing, creating, managing clients, marketing, and about a million other things, but are you attracting the clients you really want to work with? If you’re reading this, you’re likely in a place where you’re thinking of rebranding, updating your site, or maybe you’re just curious how you can make your business stand out. Don’t worry, we’re gonna tackle a couple questions at a time and we’ll figure this thing out together!


Do I Need Updated Headshots?


The Big Question: Do I Actually NEED A Business Branding Photoshoot?” If Headshots are the new handshake and the first impression most people have of your business, Business Branding is that extra oomf for your business profile, social media, advertising, and website that has the power to put people over the edge and want to do business with you. It’s soft marketing that’s not “salesy”, Hallelujah, right?!


Do I Need A Business Branding Photoshoot


Headshots are the new handshake… that’s what they say, anyway. So, what does that mean, exactly? And which one is right for you?


Headshots vs Personal Branding… Which One is Right for You?


This is part of a series where one of my favorite San Antonio makeup artists, Dora Vera, spills what she knows about getting my clients picture perfect for their sessions! This week let’s talk eye liner! There is so much to say about it… Liquid, Pencils and Creams, oh my! Get the skinny about the differences and how each will achieve a different look for you!


Eyeliner Tips For Your Unique Look


I’m always looking to update my makeup and skincare routine and try new techniques and tricks. I had some time with her while we were shooting her personal branding images so I got some helpful hints to prepare my face for my makeup I can share!


3 Skincare Tips Every Girl Needs


How do you have an epic Girls Night? Follow these instructions! 


Girls Night Out Shoots. Yasss, girl…


The Haddie Bear Bows and Clothes slogan says it all: “Childhood is short. Stand out!”  I had the pleasure of meeting Kristen when she came to my studio needing branding and lifestyle photos for her business, I felt an instant connection with her! **Video and special promotion at the end!**


Handmade, Vintage Style Bows and Clothing


It’s a New Year! 2018 – I’ve decided – will be the year I finally be decorating my living room and bedroom. My husband is active duty military so we haven’t really captured our style because of the possibility of orders. After a recent promotion, we purchased our first home, and with this new chapter in our lives we’d like to finally make it a home that has our stamp on it. I reached out to a local San Antonio decorator, whom I recently had the pleasure of photographing for her business, and asked her to dish some tips on how best to decorate a room!


More Decorating Tips from a Professional Decorator


It’s 2018 and time to redecorate that office, spruce up the living room, and decor the bedroom!I recently got the chance to work with an amazing decorator who works here in SATX and got some inside tips along the way! Yes, this job has its perks 🙂 Have you ever wondered the secrets of decorating your house? Have you been putting off redoing your office and lack inspiration? The following blog has two parts because there’s so much info this dynamic decor artist has to spill! I’m going to share with you what this dynamite decor artist shared with me: These are 6 decorating tips you can use in your own home and office today!


6 Decorating Tips You Can Use Today


Most of us have old pictures of our grandparents, great grand parents and some are even lucky enough to have even older photos.  It’s an important part of your history and it can give you solace to know where you came from. Each family is different and special; some have both parents, some have one, some people grow up without. Cindy has a different perspective than most about family photos and why portraits are so important to her now…


Why Heirloom Quality Images are Important

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