What is an heirloom? It is a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations.  Most of us have old pictures of our grandparents, great grand parents and some are even lucky enough to have even older photos.  It’s an important part of your history and it can give you solace to know where you came from. Each family is different and special; some have both parents, some have one, some people grow up without.  

I worked with this beautiful person for the better part of 10 years. Cindy is fierce, honest, but also has a heart of gold, especially when it comes to her daughter. I wanted to highlight her and her daughter for a couple of reasons…

One of the reasons is… well, just look at them, they’re beautiful! Another more important reason though, is because she has a slightly different perspective than most regarding family pictures. You see, Cindy lost her mother at a young age and didn’t have heirloom photos of her to look back on. I can only imagine what that feels like, it was important for her to have images she can keep that are of professional quality and not only snapshots.  

When I asked Cindy if she had any professional pictures of her mom she revealed she only had a few framed pictures with her, but they are all candids.

Cindy: “We had pics taken at church one time with a photographer & purchased a matted version, but it is very stuffy looking. I do wish I had a larger & better photo that represented our relationship as it truly was…”

Even now, we are the most photographed generation, yet many people don’t get printed photos and albums. Being a photographer who specializes in portraits for wives, mothers and daughters, couples, and families, I focus my business on artwork of your family because I see the need for those photos with their loved ones. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have special heirloom quality images for your home and pass down those images to your family? If you do they will be cherished long after you are gone.

Now, Cindy has these stunning photos with her daughter, who is her family. Her daughter will be able to look back on these when she gets older and keep this history in her family.

Melissa Raelynn Photography is a San Antonio, Texas based photographer who specializes in portraits of families, couples, mother and daughters, and modern glamour for women. Book your free consultation so you can get one-on-one with Melissa for any questions you may have. 


Why Heirloom Quality Images are Important

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