In San Antonio there are several people who choose to get fit, go to the gym, workout, improve health and wellness, and they all have amazing stories to tell.  

There are times in your life where you meet people who truly inspire you.  One of those people for me is Linda.  She has an amazing story of triumph through tragedy followed by perseverance.  She lost a ton of weight and changed her lifestyle completely, including what foods she puts in her body and regularly going to the gym.  

 Fitness is fabulous

Fitness is fabulous

She joined the Air Force this year and has rocked as a vocalist in the Air Force Band.  She has an upbeat attitude that inspires those who meet her and when she approached me to capture this amazing time in her life for her birthday I was elated.  

I love being able to tell stories of those who’ve overcome great odds and who have a story to tell others.  

 Be accountable to yourself.

Be accountable to yourself.

We talked about getting outside her comfort zone a bit with this shoot and incorporate both lingerie and dresses.  The result was pretty amazing. 


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