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So, a blog post about soap?? Really?? Okay, I know it sounds crazy but this soap is legit.  

First off, I’ll say when my husband and I were walking through the masses at First Friday down at the Blue Star a couple weeks ago, I wasn’t looking for soap.  We had never been to this hippie flavored, organic wonderland of homemade items, imaginative artwork, and other tchotchkes that people proudly showcase every month.  As we weaved through the crowds it became apparent that we would be returning again, there is just simply too much to take in, in one trip.  

With that in mind we were close to the exit of the Blue Star when a menagerie of sweets caught my eye.  As I got closer I saw the words “all natural soap” on the sign that was proudly displayed on the table.  The owner (whose name is Jay) looked us straight in the eye and said, “Would you like to smell my soaps?”

Ummm, I was going to eat it but I’m glad he revealed their true nature or I would’ve relived my childhood cussing episode with my Aunt Cindy (you can probably guess my punishment).  Okay, I probably would’ve figured it out before then but it was still a funny memory as I politely responded coyly, “why, yes, thank you”. 

We got to talking a little and I mentioned I was a photographer, to which he instantly remembered which soap I had preferred (Altitude, Citrus & Kaolin Clay), handed it to me and said, “Here, take this, take a picture, post it to Instagram and tag us, it’s yours.” I couldn’t be rude so of course I took it.  

There were so many amazing bars to choose from with amazing scents like, “Lemon & Honey”, “Lavender & Lemon Poppy”, “Infusion Cacao Powder”, “Patchouli & Eucalyptus Oats”, and “Southern Lemonade”, to name a few.  But Jay’s imagination is apparent with some interesting combinations like, “Charcoal Citrus Oat”, “Infusion Tea Tree”, “Shades of Gray & Mint”, and “Altitude” (this one I will definitely be asking him about as the name peaks my interest 🙂 All Girl and Guy Code soaps are handmade, all natural, 100% Vegan products, so you feel good about using them knowing nothing was harmed in the making!

Now, if there’s anything people know about me, it’s that I don’t do anything halfway.  I could’ve snapped a pic with my iPhone, tagged them and called it a day.  But as I held this beautiful, colorful work of art in my hand with its snappy slogan (which is, “Get your filthy hands on me!”) I had to get it in my studio to give it its own photo shoot. And did this little beauty perform well in front of my lens! It was a natural model and was even feeling a little dapper towards the end…

  My, how dapper you look!

My, how dapper you look!

Even though I hated to actually use it, I’m going to keep it in the studio as a conversation piece as well as for its cleansing properties; such a work of art cannot be hidden!

I’m sure there’s quite a story to this little soap, all its siblings, and maker so there’s an official meeting, interview, and photo shoot in the making… stay tuned and go follow them on Instagram to see where they’ll be selling these little darlings next!


(PSSST, I DO know they’re at Brick at Blue Star a lot)


 Until next time, soap.

Until next time, soap.

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  1. Jay Lopez says:

    Omg! Melissa you’ve made my day. I love your pictures. I’m smiling from ear to ear with happiness. I appreciate you so much for being so gracious. I never expected anyone to go above and beyond like you have. I’m very grateful to receive all your compliments and artistic eye to capture such amazing pictures of "Altitude." You’ve inspired me to create a new soap named "Grateful" in honor of your blog. Thank you and as always Good Things!

    • I’m so glad we came by your table at the Blue Star that day! I’m looking forward to sitting down with you in my studio and learning more about you and your business. Small businesses are very important to me and need to be supported.
      – Melissa

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